Complete Shovelhead Top End Big Bore Gasket Kit. 3 5/8


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Complete Top End Gasket Kit For Big Bore Shovelhead 1965 – 1985 With Multi-Layer Steel Head Gaskets.

Kit Includes:

  • Four, CY11101, Rocker Arm O-Ring
  • One, CY16776-63IF, Interface Front Base Gasket
  • One, CY16777-63IF, Interface Rear Base Gasket
  • Two, CY17540-69FM, Foamet Rocker Box Gasket
  • Eight, CY17955-36, Push Rod Cork – Small
  • Four, CY17955-48, Push Rod Cork – Large
  • One, CY27023-71IF, Carb – Manifold Gasket
  • Two, CY27060-55, Intake Manifold O-Ring
  • Two, CY27062-78, Intake Sleeve
  • One, CY27077-78IF, Carburator Gasket
  • One, CY29058-77, Carb to Backing Plate Gasket
  • Four, CY63529-57, Oil Line Sleeve
  • Twp, CY65834-68C, Exhuast Gasket
  • Two, HG-Shovelmlsbb040, Multi-Layer Steel Big Bore Head Gasket .030 Thickness
  • Eight, CY17955-36A, Push Rod O-Ring
  • Four, CY17955-48A, Push Rod O-Ring
  • Four, VS-377V, Valve Stem Seal
  • Four, VS-403V, Valve Stem Seal


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